The SMART MOULD equipment complex is designed to be used in a Slab Continuous Caster and includes several mutually integrated measuring and controlling systems for the Mould. It ensures smooth and trouble free operation of the Strand as well as high quality of final product.
Automatic Mould Level Control System for Slab and Bloom Casters
System designed for automatic stabilization and control of a preset level the molten metal in the mould of continuous casting machine and has the following features.
SIUM-S Automatic Mould Level Measurement System for Billet Caster
NPO Technoap" Make SIUM-S Automatic Mould Level Measurement System for Billet Caster
New Generation Dinascope System
Dinascope System is a state-of-the-art Technoaps creation, which remains unique in the World of steel making process control technologies till date. It has been successfully operated at as many as 30 strands of different make Casters across Russias steel plants.
Dinascope-Sort System for registration and analysis of Mechanical movements of the Mould in the wide range of frequencies for evaluation of Oscillation Mechanisms condi-tion and technological parameters of the casting process for Billet Casters
Water Cooling Control System
Presently this System is used for cooling control and diagnostics of different types of metallurgical equipment, such as Continuous Casters, Rolling Mill etc. Such equipment typically has a huge number of measuring points (up to 250) as well as tough operation conditions.
Slide Gate Stopper Drive PS-10
Easily Removable Slide Gate Stopper Mechanism for Continuous Caster Tundish
Smooth stroke without backlashes in the transmission of the movement is essential for automatic Stopper positioning. These properties are useful even for manual operation are implemented in this Easily Removable Slide Gate Stopper Mechanism.
Electromagnetic Automatic Metal Level Sensor for Billet Caster
Sensor is designed to be used as a component of Mould Molten Metal Level Control System of a Billet Caster.
Vibration Slag Detection System for Ladle (VSDL)
Vibration Slag Detection System for Ladle (VDSL) is designed for automatic detection of slag penetration into liquid steel jet while pouring form Steel Ladle to Tundish. Upon detection of slag the system generates sound alarm to the operator and/or signal to operate the slide gate of the ladle.