Easily Removable Slide Gate Stopper Mechanism for Continuous Caster Tundish

Easily Removable Slide Gate Stopper Mechanism for Continuous Caster Tundish

Smooth stroke without backlashes in the transmission of the movement is essential for automatic Stopper positioning. These properties are useful even for manual operation are implemented in this Easily Removable Slide Gate Stopper Mechanism.

The Mechanism is Complete with

Main components of the mechanism are:
  • Frame with guides and movable carriage,
  • Mounting Plate (for fast installation of the Mechanism on the Tundish and fixing it with the help of a Wedge),
  • Stopper Bracket.
LSM1 (1).jpg

Technical Parameters

Stroke, mm 150
Weight, kg
Dimensions without Lever, Width X Height X Thickness, mm
Rod movement Friction Forc, N, not exceeding 200


  • Movable part of the Mechanism travels along two vertical guides, that ensures more precise horizontal positioning of the Stopper with regards to Tundish (in horizontal plane).
  • Design has provisions for fastening of the Stopper Drive (no additional alteration of Tundish is required).
  • Easy travel of the movable part and its wear resistance are ensured due to easily replaceable plain bearings, made with PTFE coated steel tape.
  • Combination of better material selection with high precision of machining, thermal treatment and coating resulted in minimizing the redial play.
  • Easy and fast dismantling of the Mechanism simplifies its positioning with regards to Tundish Dozer.
  • Symmetrical design provides for installation of Manual Operation Lever on both the sides.
  • Mounting dimensions of the Mechanism match those of Electric Drive of TECHNOAP make.
  • Dimensions of the Mechanism can be adjusted in accordance with the requirement.