Slide Gate Stopper Drive PS-10

Slide Gate Stopper Drive is designed to be used as the Actuator of Tundish Stopper in Automatic Mould Level Control Systems. The Drive is used jointly with UP Unit of Power Electronics.

  • Simple and easy installation of the Slide Gate Mechanism.
  • Automatic diagnostics.
  • Improved dynamic properties..
  • Precise Positioning.
  • Support of multi-frequency vibration operation modes.
  • Servicing requirement not more that once a year.
  • Easy switchover to manual control mode.
  • Heat resistant lubrication with service life equal to that of the Drive.

Main Technical Parameters

, mm 160
Maximum Force, N 10000
Maximum Speed of Rod movement, mm/s
Positioning Precision, mm 0,1
Body Material Aluminum, Steel
Power Consumption, W
Location Sensor Type Impulse
Dimensions, mm
Weight, kg 20
Protection Degree
Humidity, %
20 80
Maximum Body Temperature, , not exceeding +100
Working Temperature,  -25 +80