New Generation Dinascope System

New Generation Dinascope System

Dinascope System is a state-of-the-art Technoaps creation, which remains unique in the World of steel making process control technologies till date. It has been successfully operated at as many as 30 strands of different make Casters across Russias steel plants.

Functioning of the System

Main utility and advantage of the new generation system:

  • Determination of linear displacement, velocity and acceleration of any point of the mould and the movable part of the Caster Oscillation Mechanism, sensitivity of displacement is at least 0.025 mm;
  • Detection of deviations of Mould oscillation from the technological axis caused by inaccurate tuning, wear of excessive friction in the Mould;;

  • Identification of possible surface defects and defective areas in the particular cast slab;
  • Early detection of emergency situations caused by faults in part and components of Oscillation Mechanism;

  • Monitoring of comparative performance of different grades of Powder;
  • Calculation of the erroneous motion of the cylinders of the oscillation mechanism in order to minimize spurious angular1 movement of the mould oscillation as well as generation of corrective signals to the Hydraulic Drive Control System;

  • Vibration monitoring of Oscillation Mechanisms parts and assemblies through installed miniature vibration sensors, subsequent processing of information as per the specially developed algorithm of vibration diagnostics and monitoring;
  • Generation of recommendations on the optimal ratio of the oscillation frequency and casting speed minimizing of "zero" interval and, thus optimizing the ratio of positive and negative interval of the movement with a further opportunity for automated speed casting control;
  • Keeping archives of casting processes (data storage time is not less than 6 months) and detection of Mould and Oscillation Mechanism wearing tendencies.;

Systems Harware

Primary Informtion Sensors

Compared to the old system with 4 sensors, this new design has more advanced sensor system with one sensor with digital output fitted to the Caster Mould. This feature ensures much greater degree of interference immunity and simplifies operation of the system.


Electronic and Computer Units

Depending on the application and typical location of the equipment this system has the following hierarchy: Data Collection Data Processing Visualization and Archiving. Depending on the customers preference the hardware can be based on Technoaps own components as well as on those of the Worlds leading manufacturers, such as Siemens, National Instruments, Allen Bradley etc. Whatever the component base be, this system get fully integrated into the overall Caster Control System. A PAC (Programmed Automation Controller) unit, instead of PLC Controller, is being used here for algorithmic calculations. This feature ensures extremely fast execution of very complex algorithmic calculations, as compared to limited capabilities of a PLC Controller.


Angular movement of the movable part of Oscillation mechanism around the axis perpendicular to Mould base wall surface. Angular movement happens due to non-synchronicity in operation of the Hydraulic Cylinders and difference in hardness of Oscillation Mechanisms moving part suspension.