Water Cooling Control System

Water Cooling Control System


Presently this System is used for cooling control and diagnostics of different types of metallurgical equipment, such as Continuous Casters, Rolling Mill etc. Such equipment typically has a huge number of measuring points (up to 250) as well as tough operation conditions.
Combined Flow and Temperature Converters can run on extremely dirty water and ensure proper estimation of heat removal from the various parts of the process equipment.
Thus, Water Cooling Control System enables the operator to react to the emergency situations, and servicing personnel to correctly evaluate the equipment condition.
Since TECHNOAP has own converter manufacturing base and uses Siemens digital technologies, such systems have expandability, low channel-wise cost, can be easily integrated into overall Process Control System and has shorter cable lengths.
TECHNOAP manufactures flow and probe combined of smaller and greater pipeline diameters, respectively.
Technical parameters are given below. If so required, the information from the system can be displayed on the screen and/or transmitted to the next automation level..


Technical Parameters

Various sizes of the Meters cover the water flow range from 0.1 to 20 m3/h. Flow ratio in one
mater is 1 to 7 Maximum Meter to Amplifier & Converter Unit (ACU) cable length is 20 m, that of
ACU to Work Station is 500 m. Up to 3 m3/h capacity Meter dimensions are not more that
200110150 mm, ACU dimensions are 250150120 mm. Flow rate measurement error is 3 % of
the spans high value, whereas temperature measurement error is 3 . All meter data collection time is
2 s.

Operation Conditions

Every year meters shall be inspected and, if so required, serviced. While servicing these Meters
need not be extracted from the pipelines. Every two years their condition shall be checked and,
depending upon the result, the ball and the cartridge may be replaced. Meter service life is 10 years.
Protection degree of each Meter is IP 67, and that of each ACU is IP65. ACU operation temperature
range is from 0 up to 70 . Permissible water pressure in the pipelines is up to 1.6 MPa. Power Supply
of ACU is 24 V, whereas that of Meter is not more than 5 V.