Automatic Mould Level Control System for Slab and Bloom Casters

Automatic Mould Level Control System for Slab & Bloom Casters

Purpose and main functions:
System designed for automatic stabilization and control of a preset level the molten metal in the mould of continuous casting machine and has the following features:
  • automatic hardware diagnostics system;
  • auto-start the strand;
  • automatic control of the level of metal in mould;
  • control of casting process parameters;
  • collect, display and recording in the main archive system parameters;
  • develop warning and alarms;
  • prevention of clogging tundish stopper;
  • automatic suppression backlash in the stopper mechanism;
  • emergency closing of the stopper;
  • transmission and reception parameters in APCS CCM.


MLS- - Embedded metal level sensor measures the level of the molten steel in the Mould.
MLS - Mobiled suspended metal level sensor on a tripod - measures the level of the molten steel in the Mould (in case MLS- is damaged).
MPS - mold position sensor. DAP - data acquisition & processing MLS- and MPS Sensors.
MLC - mold level controller.
MLC-U Mould Level Controller.
SA - Stopper Actuator moves the Tundish Stopper.
FCU - actuator control unit.
LCP - Level Control Panel is the main control and display unit of the System.
WSD - Workstation Diagnostics is designed for adjustment of parameters, diagnostics of hardware and archiving of the main process parameters.
EWS - Engineering Work Station is designed for provide remote access to Controllers and Computers of the System.
Junction Unit SA.

Diagnostics Workstation Screen


Technical characteristics

     Liquid Steel Mould Level Measurement Range, (from the upper edge of the Copper walls), mm       From 20 to 160
      Range of Liquid Steel Levels to be Maintained, mm       From 50 to 100
      Deviation in Liquid Steel Level Maintaining Precision (standard deviation), mm, not exceeding       1
      Drive Travel, mm       160
      Maximum Force of the Drive, N, not less than       10000
           mm/s, not less than       150

Competitive advantages 

  • Standard deviation of metal level, mm, max - ≤1.
  • Air cooling.
  • Embedded metal level electromagnetic sensor (dual sensor for large moulds).
  • Suspended back-up portable sensor level.
  • Electromechanical stopper actuator with maximum speed 150 mm/s.
  • Informative and user-friendly operator panel.

CCM Operators Panel Screen